The Fetal Cardiology is concerned with the diagnosis and managing heart problems in babies before birth. Heart defects can be detected by a detailed ultrasound scan of a baby’s heart during pregnancy called a fetal echocardiogram to assure that unborn baby’s heart is normal. Pediatric and Fetal Cardiology detect abnormal heart rhythms and problems with the heart function in newborns and kids. Pediatric cardiology offer expertise in cardiac imaging, catheter interventions, and electrophysiology. We take care of patients from fetal life into adulthood; and also offer surgical treatment of complex congenital heart disease. Pediatric Cardiology is concerned with all aspects of heart disease in infants, children, and adolescents, including embryology and anatomy, physiology and pharmacology, biochemistry, pathology, genetics, radiology, clinical aspects, investigative cardiology, electrophysiology and echocardiography, and cardiac surgery.